Radio: Stacking Cabinets

No matter how big your kitchen is, you never seem to have enough cabinet space. In a small kitchen where space is at a premium, consider stacking cabinets to increase your storage capacity.

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Many kitchens are designed with cabinets that butt up against a soffit. Other kitchens leave that space open for an airy feel that also allows for storage and display on top of the cabinets. But for maximum enclosed storage, a second row of cabinets above the first one can be a great idea.

The most visually pleasing proportions for stacked cabinets are a top cabinet that's about half the height of the one below it. To figure out what size cabinets would work for you, measure the distance from your countertop to the ceiling. Allow about 16 inches from the counter to where the cabinet's bottom will be. Then divide the remaining space by three. That's roughly the cabinet height of your top row.

So for example, if you have 45 inches to work with, you could have 30-inch bottom cabinets topped by 15-inch cabinets. Don't worry if your space doesn't divide equally by three, or if your cabinets don't come in sizes that fit perfectly. As long as the proportions are close, it will look fine. And crown molding can hide several inches' worth of extra space at the top.

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