How to make indian-spiced salmon steak

Rinse and pat dry the salmon. Line a baking pan with foil and set the salmon, skin down. Put the salmon at least 2-3 cm apart

Melted 2 tbsp of butter or ghee

In a separate bowl, combine all together: brown sugar, gr corriander, gr fennel, cayenne, gr cardamom, gr cumin, salt and pepper, gr cloves an gr cinnamon

Add in the melted butter

Add in 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Stir until well-combined

Brush mixture evenly over tops and sides of salmon

Bake in 400 oven for 15-17 mnts. Turn oven to broil and baked for another 4-6 mnt until top is bubbling and giving nice brown color.

Transfer the salmon to a serving plate along with the aromatic yellow rice and baked veggies. Mine are cauliflower and broccoli. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Mouthwatering Salmon Fish Curry Recipe (November 2021).