How to make a simple but great cappuccino

A stick frother that works very well. (Ikea!)

Fill your cup with a fifth of milk to make about a half cup of froth. Add more or less depending on preference.

Heat milk for 20 seconds (max) in the microwave.

Use frother and hold by having a finger on on/off button and other directly on frother to slow down rotation.

Turn on and reduce speed of rotation as needed. Move frother counter clockwise (depending on rotation) to introduce air. Lift frother up & down every so slightly to break surface. This adds more air.

Place under espresso machine that has been prepped either with ground espresso coffee or a capsule. Draw a lungo (more espresso coffee & water than a regular shot of espresso) and stop when desired.

Enjoy. Sweeten to taste. (Hint you can use powdered sugar when making the froth) If you want to be more traditional you draw the espresso in a separate cup and add the frothed milk on top.

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