How to make french macarons

There are plenty of recipes out there that dictate the varying quantity of each ingredient. It is important to master the shells first before making the ganache.

Place almond meal in bowl.

Through a sifter, add 200g of powdered Sugar

Mix until completely even.

It should look like this.

To make the merengue, beat the egg whites at a low speed (2-3)

once it starts to bubble slowly add the granulated cane sugar

Adding sugar

Keep mixing but at a faster speed


Mix until glossy and forms peaks. Overmixing will cause the macarons to be flat.


Prepare to add the merengue to the almond/sugar mixture in order to make the shell.

Add the merengue to the almond/sugar mixture

Add Food Coloring

Add Flavoring

Fold until a good gooey consistency. Be careful not to overfold because it will be to runny.

It should be gooey and now flow slowly and not be liquidy.

Get ready to pipe.

Pipe circles into silpat


Wait until a shell has formed before baking. When you touch the tip, it will not feel wet and not be as shiny. (10-15 minutes)

They should look like this out of the oven. If not, play around with the mixing times and/or oven temperatures. There are many ways to make these so find the best for you!

I will post a future guide on how to make the chocolate ganache. It is much more simple than the actual shells which are the most important. Master the shells for proper shape and texture. Cheers!

Watch the video: make perfect macarons with hand mixer macaronage (November 2021).