How to roast butternut squash

Start with your butternut squash.

Line a cookie sheet with foil.

Preheat the Evan to 350°F.

Cut off the two ends of the squash.

Peel the squash. The skin is pretty tough so I just used a knife because none of my peelers worked very well.

Cut into cubes and put into a bowl.

Add salt…(I'm not giving any specific measurements here. Just add spice to your taste)...

and pepper...

and garlic powder...

and chili flakes...

and olive oil. Toss in any other spices that you especially like (see the supplies list for some of the optional spices and herbs that can be used with butternut squash).

Mix well - go on, use your hands - it's the best way to make sure each piece is coated well.

Spread the squash on the cookie sheet.

Into the oven…

Then about 30 minutes later, the squash comes out of the oven.

I love cilantro so i chopped up and garnished the squash with this delicious herb. But you can choose whatever herb you like or none at all. Yum! Healthy and delicious!

Watch the video: Butternut Squash Soup. #Homemade (November 2021).