Radio: Second Refrigerators

One out of four American homes has a second refrigerator in it, according to the Department of Energy-that's 30 million extra refrigerators. That second fridge is often an old one that was supposedly replaced by an efficient new model but is still running in the basement or garage.

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That's bad news, because a refrigerator is the single biggest consumer of electricity in most homes. Having two of them adds substantially to your energy use, and your costs. Plus, any efficiency gains you achieved by buying a new Energy Star appliance are going right down the drain if you keep the old one plugged in.

If you really need extra cold storage, consider buying a small new one with an Energy Star rating instead of keeping the old full-sized one. And if you kept the old one, so you could take advantage of buying in bulk, consider this: The Department of Energy estimates that it costs up to $750 a year to run your old energy hog, which is probably a lot more than you're saving by buying those family packs. Need another reason to unplug? Those 30 million extra refrigerators are using 25 million megawatt hours of power a year. That's a lot of electricity we could save just by pulling the plug.

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